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The ten season journey of this group of friends in New York is also the most hotly requested puzzle series.

The Storymaids Tale

A horrifying dystopian tale of a totalitarian future that the U.S. seems to be headed towards at this very moment. Will June and her friends find a way to escape this new empire of destructive religious dominance, or will they fall one by one to the Gilead regime?

Journalist Jones

Jessica faces her greatest challenge yet. Being nice to Trish...

Game of Words

Game of Thrones has ended, long live the puzzles of Game of Words

Altered Copy

In a world where death has been obsoleted by technology, the rich rule as Gods over the populace. Takeshi Kovacs is returned to life 200 years after his rebellion against the Methusela was quashed, at the whim of a man who wants to find his own killer.

The Wordy Dead

Walkers to the left of us, murderers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you. This epic comic book series brought to life has plagued my nights like a walker herd on a rampage. It teaches us the lesson (repeatedly) that the real danger in any apocalypse, is other people. Forgot who lived or died? Play through our puzzles and remind yourself who has survived, and who is walker feed.

The Big Word Theory

The final season of Big Bang Theory deserves extra geeky finale art! Join us on our puzzle journey through the last hurrah of Leonard, Raj, Howard, Penny, Bernadette, Amy, and Sheldon.

Iron Word

Danny Rand returns as The Iron Fist in this Kung-Fu action drama from Marvel. This time with more martial arts skills!

Luke Page

The Hero of Harlem uses his super strength and bullet proof skin to fight crime in this action drama.


Not much of a rind on this one... Step inside the artificial world of synthetic people, built to provide you with entertainment, intrigue, and umm, gratification. If the plot seemed particularly intricate, that is because it was by design. Our puzzles step you through the plot lines and show you exactly where the synths begin to understand.

The Sentencer

Gritty, dark, and full of violence. The Punisher does not fail to live up to the high standards set by Marvel Netflix shows like Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage. This iteration of Frank Castle is by far the best so far, in no small part due to Jon Bernthal, who portrays Frank Castle with all the nuanced trauma and caged rage that is possible.

Doctor Word

This sci-fi episodic parable series has been around since I was a child. It revived again in 2005 and has been gathering momentum with poignant episodes travelling through time and space to weave a universe full of comedy, horror, truth, and aliens, while telling stories about humanity.

Stranger Words

If you grew up in the 80s, this sci-fi thriller should bring back massive waves of nostalgia for a more innocent time. A time without cellphones, the internet, and just a wee bit more humility than the modern era. Despite utterly embracing nostalgia, it crafts its own tale of children using their geekery to overcome tremendous evil.

Word Trek : Discovery

Star Trek finally returns to television in an action packed reimagined pre-cursor to the original Star Trek series. Much has changed in this alternative telling of the story, but the core principals of Star Trek are shining through in its diverse cast of characters. I am definitely looking forward to more of this show.

Grammarican Horror Story

This long running show, now in its seventh and very political season, explores a number of horrific stories of Americana. In the latest season, they explore the extreme end of partisan politics via a clown cult hell bent on destruction. It will definitely be controversial, if not scary.

Rick and Wordy

Its my favorite show Morty! Rick and Morty forever! Rick and Morty Infinity! I hope it lasts a thousand seasons! I want more episodes than The Simpsons! Go get it, Morty!

Chat Mirror

A modern day take on the Twilight Zone that is laser-focused on dystopian fates due to our love of technology. There is no social platform, no upstart tech firm, nor electronic device left unpoked; in this horrific drama that could be forecasting our own future 10 years off.


This short and poignant alternative tale for Vlad Dracula (based on the Castlevania video games) wastes no time or words in telling its tale. The nigh-overwhelming violence gets the point across without glorifying in it, and the revitalization of Dracula as a sympathetic character does wonders for the plot. Clearly they left room for several more chapters, and I cannot wait for Season 2!

The Grammarists

Non-movie heroes of Marvel, unite! An adventure years in the making, this cast of disparate super powered crime fighters must come together to defeat The Hand. Will they work together or tear each other apart? I do not know, because I have not finished watching yet...

House of Words

The political machinations of Frank Underwood were at first so brash and manipulative that many scoffed at the idea that our political system could be that rife with corruption. Now, in the latest season, it seems unlikely they can even keep up with what is going on in our real world political battlegrounds. At some point, the idea of an honest politican is going to be more far-fetched than a corrupt one. If you need to catch up on the Underwoods destructive antics, look no further than our politically approved line of House of Words puzzles. Every death, every plot point, every moment of rampant narcissism, categorized and displayed like targets on a shooting range.

Breaking Word

Nothing is as uniquely American as its healthcare system. The tale of Walter White, who had to resort to manufacturing and selling methamphetamines in order to afford cancer treatment basically says it all. Join him in his descent into becoming a psychopathic drug lord in our episodic puzzles.